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+ Nuts + Bolts + Screws + Washers + Anchors + Pins + Non-Standard Stainless Steel Set Screws; Stainless Steel Riveting & Self-Clinching Products; Stainless Steel screws; Stainless Steel Threaded rod, Stud; Stainless Steel Socket screws; Stainless Steel Fasteners; Stainless Steel Bolts; Stainless Steel Nuts; DIN 917; DIN 1587; DIN EN ISO 7380; Din 914; Din 916; Din 915; Din 913.stainless steel stainless steel rivet nuts,wing nuts,cap nuts(bulk/split/nylon head),hex lock nuts(nylon/metal/punch point),flange nuts(flat/Serration),flange lock(nylon/metal),square nuts,K nuts,round nuts,knurling cone nuts,anti-theft nuts,weld nuts(square/hex),flange lock(nylon/metal/flat/Serration),cage nuts,hex nuts(thin/long),carriage bolts,flange bolts,wing bolts,flange bolts,U-bolts,gland eye bolts,round pin,screw stud,etc.
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  • tam shield anchor


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    Specialized in  tam shield anchor productionQuantity: customizedType: customizedDelivery: customizedWe are manufacturer Stainless Steel screws,,Round nuts,,Hot forged nuts,,Stainless Steel Bolts,,Anchor bolts, bolt anchors,  with high quality and competitive price.We will do our best to provide you with the most standard and comprehensive product information of fasteners.We can provided free samples

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